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Financial Standing Rule

Approved by Membership on 10/10/2022

A.  Expenditures

  1. All expenditures of the River City Democratic Club (RCDC) shall have the prior approval of the President.

  2. Expenditures for any transaction greater than $100 shall require the prior approval of the Executive Board.

  3. Expenditures for any transaction greater than $250 shall require the prior approval of the Membership.

  4. Expenditures greater than $100 of a routine nature, such as P.O. Box rental, shall require approval only upon their onset or when a change of five or more percent (5%) occurs.

  5. All expenditures shall be accompanied by a:

    1. receipt or invoice, in the case of expenditures for goods or services, or, 

    2. detailed expense record, in the case of reimbursements to individuals for expenditures such as mileage incurred during transportation to and from a prior approved activity.

B.  Reporting

  1. All financial transactions shall comply with pertinent local, state, and/or federal laws.

  2. Regular reporting of transactions will follow the regulations of the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).

C.   Banking Accounts and Transferring Funds

  1. RCDC shall maintain a checking account, and, with approval of the Executive Board, may also have a regular savings account..

  2. Transfers of funds between accounts shall require the prior approval of the Executive Board.

  3. Two Officers, the President and the Treasurer, shall be signatories to the RCDC bank account(s).


  1. The preferred method for paying for expenditures shall be by check.

  2. No checks shall be made out to “cash”.

  3. Blank checks shall not be issued.

D.  Cash

  1. It is the policy of RCDC to minimize the use of cash.

  2. RCDC may withdraw cash to stock a cash box in advance of an event or sale where cash sales are anticipated.

  3. All cash shall be deposited to the RCDC bank account as soon as is practical following an event or sale where cash was used or received.

E.  On-Line Banking

  1. Access to online banking shall be limited to the Treasurer and the President.

  2. All transactions shall adhere to the rules described in this document.

  3. All bank statements, invoices, or other records of transactions obtained electronically, shall be printed on paper and kept with other financial records.

F. Disclosure

  1. Access to all financial records shall be made available to any Member upon request.

  2. Access to financial records by others, including members of the public, shall be by consent of the President.

G.  Security

  1. All financial records and checks shall be kept in locked fire and water resistant enclosures.

  2. The President and Treasurer, only, shall keep keys to these enclosures.

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