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Article VII: Committees

7.01 The standing committees of the Club shall be as follows: Campaign/Legislative Affairs, Fundraising, and Membership/Communications. The Club may, by adopting standing rules, create other standing committees as they deem necessary. Except as herein provided, committee chairpersons shall be appointed, and removed, by the President with approval by the Executive Board.

7.02 The duties and responsibilities of the standing committees, in addition to those contained in these bylaws, may be determined in standing rules adopted by the Club.

7.03 Committees shall meet subject to the call of the chairperson, provided that the committee or the Club may adopt a regular meeting schedule as it deems advisable.

7.04 Committee meetings shall be open to all members, and each committee shall give appropriate notice of action and keep regular minutes that shall be given to the Secretary for inclusion in Club minutes.

7.05 Ad hoc committees may be established by the Club from time to time, provided that no ad hoc committee shall exist more than one year without the approval of the Club 

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