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Article II: Purpose

2.01 The purpose of this Club shall be to promote the general welfare and interests of the Democratic Party in this area, and to work with the California Democratic Party and the Yolo County Democratic Central Committee, and regional Democratic Clubs in electing Democrats to office at the local, county, state, and federal levels; and support and endorse
the political platforms of the State and National Democratic Party.

2.02 The Club is committed to the goals of:

  1. promoting voter registration and increasing voter turnout,

  2. developing, endorsing, and supporting Democratic candidates,

  3. developing, endorsing, and supporting Democratic Party policies and issues,

  4. educating on community issues,

  5. increasing engagement and participation in the Democratic Party, especially by those who have traditionally been excluded or are underrepresented in the party

  6. fundraising to execute club goals, and

  7. providing a forum for Democrats in West Sacramento.

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