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Article VIII: Endorsements

8.00 The purpose of the Candidate Endorsement process is to promote outstanding local candidates who support the California Democratic Party platform and will fight for Democratic values and to enhance the ability of the Committee to elect Democrats to office. The candidate endorsement process will be fair, open, and inclusive, giving all viable registered Democratic candidates for local office the opportunity to earn the endorsement of the Club.

8.01 The Club shall endorse and support all official nominees and endorsed candidates of the state or national Democratic Party for partisan races, as well as the political platform of the state and national Democratic Party. In partisan races, the club shall only endorse candidates who are registered Democrats.

8.02 The Club may make a Primary endorsement with a two-thirds vote of the membership attending a properly noticed Club meeting or special meeting, unless such endorsement is contrary to an endorsement made by the state or national Democratic Party.

8.03 The Club may make endorsements in non-partisan offices as well as state and local measures by a two-thirds vote.

8.04 As defined in Section 2 of Article VIII of the Bylaws of the California Democratic Party, the Club may not make any endorsements which conflict with the endorsements from the California Democratic Party.

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