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Article V: Meetings

5.01 Regular meetings of this Club shall be held on at least a quarterly basis, the date, time, and location to be determined by the Club or by the Executive Board, and the meeting date, time and place and the agenda shall be noticed to each member at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting. The Executive Board may choose to cancel or reschedule any regular meeting that conflicts with a holiday or important event.

5.02 Special meetings of this Club may be called by the President, the Executive Board, or by five members upon 24 hours’ notice to all members. The business of any special meeting shall be restricted to those matters announced in the meeting notice. A report of action must be submitted to the members within 48 hours of the special meeting.

5.03 The Annual Meeting of the Club shall be held at the February regular meeting and shall include the payment of annual dues, election of officers, and review of the past year's activities.

5.04 A quorum of any meeting for all purposes shall consist of five active members, two of which must be elected officers. Unless otherwise specified by these bylaws, by standing rules, or by parliamentary procedure, as defined in article IX, a majority of those members present and voting shall be sufficient to decide all matters.

5.05 If a quorum is not available at a meeting or action is required on a motion that cannot wait for the next full meeting, then the President may request a vote by email. The Secretary will submit the motion and any accompanying commentary to all active members of the Club via email along with the timeframe needed for a response. At least 50% of the members must respond and a majority of the respondents is required for action on the motion. Any member not having email will be telephoned and will be able to submit their response via postal service or by hand delivery to the Secretary. The Secretary shall email the results of the email voting to all members.

5.06 In the absence of the President, the ranking Club officer shall preside over the Club meeting. In the absence of the Secretary, any member designated by the President or presiding member shall act as secretary of the meeting.

5.07 Members shall be permitted to introduce new business for discussion or make announcements at any Club meeting without prior notice. Items requiring action, however, must be included in the agenda unless two-thirds of members present waive this rule.

5.08 All meeting notices shall be sent to the Yolo County Democratic Central Committee.

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